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The SSAGD is a Component of the Academy of General Dentistry.
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The Endlessly Aspiring General Dentist, Welcome!

The SSAGD, supported by the California AGD and the AGD, is your best local resource to become the excellent general dentist you aspire to be.  Our goal is to support you as you grow professionally, excel in and expand your practice, provide a variety of services to meet the needs of your patients, and reach your professional, personal and financial fulfillment.

We invite you to join us at our 2016 events that are focused on your needs:

  • Study Club Meetings: in Davis (02/11/2016). Redding (02/18/16), Fresno (03/07/16) and Sacramento (04/07/16 and 10/13/2016).
  • Hands-on courses: Successful integration of diode and hard tissue lasers into your practice (05/21/16).
  • Board meetings: all members are welcome. This is a great opportunity to move forward as you pay back
  • Fellowship events: all our meetings are great opportunities for fellowship where you can visit with your neighboring general dentists.

Follow our events at the California AGD "Upcoming Events" page.

clientuploads/facebook-icon_2.gifYou can also "Friend Us" at the SSAGD Facebook page. 

Contact Terri Wong by:

Telephone: (877) 408-0738
Terri Wong
PO Box 22417
Sacramento, CA 95822

We hope to see you at our meetings.

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Samer S. Alassaad, DDS, FAGD

SSAGD President

Our Local Events, Your Local Resources:

Continuing Education and Study Club meetings

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Relaxed social events are an opportunity to connect
with like-minded general dentists.                                            Board meetings are open to any member.

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AGD members excel in their practiceshttps://ivrnethosting.com/caagd/clientuploads/SAGD members.jpg

AGD members constantly learn new techniques, and improve their current ones. Whenever you ask SSAGD members, they are not shy to attribute most of their success to being active members of the AGD.

Among our many Endlessly Aspiring General Dentist are Maryem Saleh, DDS, FAGD (left) and  Ashkan Alizadeh, DDS, MAGD (right).They maintain a family practice in Sacramento and provide a variety of services to meet the needs of their patients and grow their practice including orthodontics, endodontics, oral surgery, sleep apnea treatment, implant dentistry, and more….





Recognize the SSAGD local leaders? Talk to them about how the local AGD can support you:


Top Row, left to Right: Drs. Guy Acheson, Eric Wong, Alan Golshanara, Kevin Kurio, Sireesha Penumetcha, Howard Chi , William Kushner, and Smita Khandwala.
Bottom Row, left to Right: Drs. Arden Kwong, Maryam Saleh, Kayee Siu, Samer Alassaad, Chirag Vaid, Darrell Chun and Executive Director Terri Wong.


Chirag Vaid, DDS

Are you a new graduate? Read about Dr. Vaid’s experience with the SSAGD

"Upon graduation from dental school a few years ago, my classmates and I looked forward to working in private practice and to providing excellent dental care. We were eager to learn from the generation of dentists before us, and find mentors that would help mold us into the type of dentist that excels at patient care.

Unfortunately, it has been difficult for many young graduates to find those types of mentorship opportunities in practice, as the landscape of our profession has changed. This is where the AGD rises to the occasion; it is an organization that networks well-established general dentists who have been spending their lives working to become the best in their profession with young dentists who have the same desire.

Through the AGD, I have been fortunate to have access to this network of incredible mentors, and encourage all young dentists to join and see first-hand how the SSAGD can provide critical resources to fostering their growth in becoming the best in the field." 

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